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Watch Ernie & Valor's story!

Ernie Baker joined the Marines eight days before 9/11. He completed two tours in Iraq as an infantryman, one tour during the initial invasion in 2003 and then another tour in 2004. Like many of our returning veterans, he suffers from PTSD. Ernie is a contractor in the oilfield and is strong as they come.  Ernie has a sensitive side too.  Ernie missed the companionship of a dog that was as loyal as he was and never left his side.  Ernie had difficulty sleeping and his wife Ashley worried about him constantly.  Paws for Heroes found a great dog at a kill shelter in Dallas who needed to be nursed back to health.  Paws for Heroes knew Valor, a two-year old Belgian Malinois, had just the right personality for Ernie.   Ernie says Valor is one of the best dogs he has ever had.  What's even better:  Ashley says Ernie started sleeping better the day Valor arrived. 

While Malinois can have somewhat intimidating appearances, Ernie says "If only people knew that Valor was just a big old sweet goofball!"

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