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Watch Josh & Scout's story!

Josh lives in Cypress, Texas.  In 2006, when he was only 18 years old, he followed the path of so many of his family members by joining the military.  Only a year after Josh joined the Army, he was deployed to Iraq.  Josh was assigned to the infantry.  His deployment lasted over 15 months.  It was a challenging and exhausting deployment.  When Josh retired from the military, he struggled to settle back into the civilian world.  Like so many other veterans, Josh had difficulty being around strangers in crowds and was constantly looking over his shoulder.   

Josh is employed as a police officer with the Houston Police Department. In 2018, Josh was dispatched to a domestic violence dispute, where shots were fired at Josh and other police officers.  Ultimately the suspect was shot and killed.  This experience exacerbated Josh’s PTSD.  His supervisor noticed this.  He reached out to Josh.  By coincidence, Josh’s supervisor was a foster family for Paws for Heroes.  He suggested Josh reach out to Paws for Heroes for a dog.  


Paws for Heroes found Scout, a shepherd mix, at South Houston Animal Shelter.  Scout was picked up by animal control after she was found tied to a power station’s fence in the pouring rain.  Scout was at the shelter for over 6 months waiting for someone to notice her.  Maybe she was overlooked for her wonky ear or tail that was too short for her body.  Whatever the reason, it must have been fate because Paws for Heroes loved her the moment they met her.  She was sweet, calm and smart!  Scout was placed with Josh and it was definitely a perfect match from the first time they met.  Scout never leaves Josh’s side and provides him the much needed decompression from work when he has a difficult day.  Josh said she’s “awesome” and that she he not only helped him, but has been a benefit to his whole family! 


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