How Does the Adoption Process Work?

Am I Eligible?

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What is the Adoption Process?

First, the military member is required to submit a complete an online Inquiry to Adopt a Paws for Heroes Dog.  If the military member is approved to proceed to apply for a Paws for Heroes dog, Paws for Heroes will send the military member an adoption application.  After Paws for Heroes receives the completed application, Paws for Heroes meets with the military member and conducts an interview with the military member.  Following the interview, Paws for Heroes assigns a trainer to work with the military member.  

If the military member is approved for the Paws for Heroes program, a home visit is conducted to ensure the military member is a ready to take care of a dog and that the military member’s home environment is a safe, secure and pet friendly environment.  The military member must also meet all requirements set forth by Paws for Heroes by preparing their home for a dog, reviewing training materials and attending computer based training and educational classes/instructions regarding caring for a dog and positive reinforcement training.

How Long Is the Wait to Adopt a Dog?

Paws for Heroes is an all volunteer organization and each match is individually tailored to meet each specific military member’s needs. As a result, there may be a 3-6 month waiting period before we are able to meet with a new military member to begin the adoption process.  After we meet with the military member and they are approved to receive a Paws for Heroes dog, the search, selection, training and placement may take another 3-6 months.