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Watch Michael & Sienna's story!

Michael is originally from Brownsville, Texas.  He joined the Army in 2000 and served in the infantry for almost 4 years.  Michael served in Iraq in 2003 for over one year and was awarded several medals and ribbons for his service.  While Michael served in Iraq, he watched many of his brothers go into battle and not return.   After he completed his service, he re-enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard.  Michael retired from the military in 2008. 


Michael has a beautiful family with 3 active boys.  Even though Michael was physically back in Houston, he suffered from depression, anxiety and other PTSD symptoms.   Michael’s family reached out to Paws for Heroes.  After Paws for Heroes met with Michael, they started the search for a dog who was very loyal, loving, sweet but also loved to play.  Thanks to Dogtown Texas Daycare and Training staff,  Sienna was spotted.  Sienna was a beautiful Border Collie/Australian shepherd mix.  Sienna was a love bug, playful and very attentive.  She was the perfect fit for Michael and his family.  Sienna is completely in love with Michael and follows him around everywhere (“Sienna would jump in the shower with me if she could” Michael says…LOL).


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