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After  Nuke was rescued


Before  Nuke was rescued

Jeff joined the Navy in 2001.  He served his country for over 6 years.  Jeff was a Nuclear Electronics Technician.  Nuclear Electronics Technicians operate and maintain Naval Nuclear propulsion plants.  In 2003-2004, Jeff was deployed to Iraq to support the war.  In 2007, Jeff retired from the military.


Jeff and his wife Kristin have 3 beautiful kids and they were looking to add another family member who would do well with their kids and bring the family laughter and companionship.  After Paws for Heroes met Jeff, they contacted their rescue partner Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue.  Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue had just what the doctor ordered!  A cute small and funny little beagle mix. However, this little beagle had a rough start....he was found out in the woods wandering around.  He had a bad case of mange and was pretty scrawny.  At Harris County Animal Shelter, his future was uncertain...until Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue stepped in and adopted him!! 


"Nuke" he was his name, Jeff said.  He had already picked out his name for their future dog.  Jeff's whole family was so excited to meet Nuke.  They made Nuke a "Welcome Home" poster and had a dog bed in every room for their new family member.  Nuke walked in and went right up to Jeff and sat down.  Jeff gave him a little piece of hot dog.  Nuke's tail wagged quickly back and forth.  Happy Tails for everyone!!! 

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