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Watch Victor and Kota's video!

Victor joined the Air Force in 2011 and served for over 4 years.  When Victor returned to Houston, he faced the difficult task of trying to transition back to civilian life.  Victor lived alone and was depressed.  Sometimes it was difficult for Victor to even get out of bed some days.  Victor found Paws for Heroes and applied for a dog.  He waited patiently while the Paws for Heroes volunteers searched and searched for his dog.  Then one day, Paws for Heroes sent him a photo.  Victor said “Cool dog.”  Paws for Heroes replied “Glad you think so.  This is your new dog Kota!”  After that, it was all history.  Kota hangs with Victor now and has helped Victor out of his depression.  Victor said Kota is a really cool dog and has really helped improve Victor’s outlook on life.  Victor says “Kota is amazing and I am loving his personality! He makes me laugh one minute and then he comes up and buries his head in my lap because he wants to snuggle. I am so lucky to have him.”  We think it’s the other way around but we’re not telling Victor that!  Congrats Victor and Kota!  

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