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"PORK chop"

Watch Kain & Pork Chop's story!

Kain lives in Tomball, Texas with his beautiful wife and two kids. Kain joined the Army in 1999 and served his country proudly for almost 16 years. Kain was stationed in Korea, Fort Bliss, Fort Bragg and twice in Germany. Kain also deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005 and U.A.E. in 2009-2010 in support of the Afghanistan war. Kain was awarded multiple service ribbons and awards for his duty and in areas designated as imminent danger zones.

After Kain sustained multiple injures, including herniated discs, traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, during his service, Kain had to retire from the Army in 2014. Upon retirement, Kain was left dealing with pain from these several injuries that limited his mobility. These issues only added to the stresses of transitioning to civilian life after having been in the military for so long. Kain missed the camaraderie and structure of military life. He began experiencing depression and began to isolate and rely more heavily on pain medications to get through the day. Kain’s family worried about him. One day while Kain was on Facebook, he saw that Lone Star Veterans Association, a local nonprofit organization in Houston, was promoting Paws for Heroes. Kain did some research and then applied for a dog. After Paws for Heroes met with Kain to learn what he needed in his companion dog, Paws for Heroes brought him “Pork Chop.” 


Pork Chop was dumped at Kelly Green’s Green Dog Training facility in Conroe late one night. Instead of bringing Pork Chop to a shelter, Kelly and her staff took him in and nursed him back to health. Kelly noticed Pork Chop was particularly affectionate, very mellow and just loved people. Kelly knew Pork Chop would be the perfect companion for Kain. Kelly trained Pork Chop and soon he was ready to meet Kain. On the day of the match it was clear that Pork Chop was the perfect companion for Kain. Pork Chop walked in, went up to Kain, wagged his tail and gave his paw to Kain almost as if to say “Hi Dad: Ready to start our new life together?” We visited Kain later after his match and Kain said Pork Chop has helped Kain get out of the house more, improved his outlook on life and that Kain doesn’t rely on pain medication any more. Whoever thought we'd say "Pork Chop: Just what the doctor ordered!"

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