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Kip’s Trek 4 Vets – America’s Heartland Tour 2021


Watch Kip's story here!

East Bound - Arizona April 2019

Ray & Kip find the fountain of youth & Atlantic Ocean (St. Augustine, FL- 2019)


End of Trail! (St. Augustine, FL- 2019)

Remember this guy, Kip Othold?  Paws for Heroes does.

Kip, a 69 year old non-competitive adventure bicyclist, is always seeking a cause for which to cycle.

Being an American-proud military veteran, he found the perfect cause - Paws for Heroes. Generating funds for Paws for Heroes by cycling long distances has brought Kip extreme gratitude and humbleness, knowing he and his donors have made a difference in the lives of PTSD-stricken vets and homeless canines.


So, back on April 1st, 2019, no fooling, Kip started peddling his bicycle across the USA.

48 days and 3100 miles after departing the beaches of San Diego, CA he reached the Atlantic Ocean at St. Augustine, Florida. The epic ride, referred to as Kip’s Trek 4 Vets 3100, generated over $70,000 in donations from caring Americans following his daily escapade reports and sharing in his cause.


Now he announces his equally ambitious 2021 fundraising initiative …

Kip’s Treks 4 Vets – America’s Heartland Tour


A series of mini-epic cycling forays April – July through that swath of territory bordering the western shores of the Mississippi River and running right smack in the middle of the USA – America’s Heartland.


“Bike Across La Louisiane” … April 27th – 30th … 267 Miles

Lafayette to Nawlins' … Swamplands and sugarcane fields galore.


“Show Me Gravel, Missouri” … May 17th – 21st … 237 Miles

Cycling the gravel rails-to-trails route across the “Show Me State”.


“The Hog Holler Trek” …May 24th – 25th … 60 Miles

Exploring the gravel backroads of northwest Arkansas – Razorback Country.


“Corn Shucks & Pork Chops Trek” … July 25th – 31st … 455 Miles

Meandering across Iowa with RAGBRAI, the world famous “Mardi Gras on 2 Wheels” cycling event … endless corn fields speckled with pig farms and road-side attractions.



The Lonesome Dove Reunion Tour...August 15th - 20th … 309 Miles

Kip ("Gus") reunites with Ray ("Woodrow") of Pennsylvania for their first epic tour since

their Trans-America Ramble of 2019.  Together they'll ride their last Cattle Drive, again.

The Great Allegheny Passage...Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C.

Follow Kip’s epic adventures on our Facebook Page and please consider making a donation.


Note:  100% of all donations will directly benefit Paws for Heroes Mission.  Kip Othold will absorb 100% of his cycling and fundraising efforts for Paws. 

Thank You!

Kip Othold, USAF Veteran

Support Kip's 2021 America's Heartland Tour by
donating to Paws for Heroes via PayPal
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Ray (left) and Kip - Lonesome


They don't give these shirts away!

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