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Watch Bianca meet Spike in the video below!

Bianca joined the Marines in 2007. She served her country for over 10 years.  During her service, she was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010.  When she returned home from the military, she began to experience the same struggles so many of our veterans face:  transitioning back to civilian life is hard—“really hard” Bianca said.  “Unless you were in the military, it’s hard for people to understand the challenges and how lost you feel when you leave.”  


Bianca experienced depression and flashes of anxiety. Fortunately for Bianca, she had a strong network of friends and fellow veterans.  They all told her the same thing:  Get a dog.  So, when Bianca encountered Paws for Heroes at the Houston Dog Show and heard that the organization finds veterans great companions and then trains the dog, all at no cost to the veteran, she was elated.  After Paws for Heroes approved Bianca for the program, the search for Bianca’s dog began.  


At League City Shelter, Paws for Heroes volunteers  came across a skinny and very strange looking dog.  His head was too small for his body.  His fur was a mess.  He had parasites and worms.  But he had spirit...and a very gentle and sweet way about him.  Once Paws for Heroes evaluated him, they knew he would be perfect for Bianca.  They named him “Spike”.  After a few grooming sessions, training and some good groceries to put some meat on his bones, Spike was ready to meet his veteran.  


When Spike met Bianca, she thought he was absolutely adorable and incredibly sweet.  Spike walked up to her and sat down, waiting for her to pet the top of his mohawk.  She did.  “Hello Spike” she said.  “Welcome home.”  Spike wagged his tail and licked her hand and his eyes seemed to sparkle with hope.  Since that day, Spike and Bianca have become inseparable.  He is always by her side, snuggling up to her reminding her that she is loved by him and he is hers, forever.

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